Saturday, November 7, 2009

Beauty's first saddle~Camera Critters 110709

I had a couple of trainers with Beauty. Her first trainer was Angi Keitel, who is an excellent horsewoman and trainer and trains mustangs. She has been in the Extreme Mustang Challenge for about 3 years now and always does very well with her mustangs. THANK YOU, Angi! Anyway, Angi was Beauty's first trainer. Beauty was untrained when we got her off a slaughter feedlot in WA state, as a two year old. She was such a beautiful mare and had such a wonderful, calm personality, that Angi didn't think it would take much to saddle and then ride her. She was right. Beauty gave a couple of bucks, some kicks, and ran around the round pen, then stopped, faced Angi, let out a sigh, and that was it! My cousin, Valerie, took over her training here in Southern California when we moved the entire herd closer to us and she took Beauty out for 9 months of training. HA! I almost didn't get her back! Valerie fell in LOVE with her, saddle broke her, and took her out on trails. Beauty was curious, intelligent, and calm. She would have been the perfect horse for me with my bad back as she didn't spook. But, alas, nature intervened and I lost Beauty. But, here are some pics of the day that Angi saddle broke her a couple of years ago. Camera Critters for November 7, 2009. I miss her every day.