Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Beauty, me, and Dad from March, 2009

More photos of my Beauty, from March, 2009. Hubby actually came up and helped that day!

Beauty~March, 2009

My beautiful girl just 3 months before her accidental death. I MISS YOU, my Beauty!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Two years 62511

Dear Beauty,
It has been two years now that you have been gone. I didn't make it up to the ranch this weekend, but I stopped by your old corral on Friday and thought of you. Another mare is in it now. Susanna is her name and her colt is in the one next to her. Quad and Sunni are a couple of corrals down from your old one and Gigondas is almost across from your old corral. She is there keeping an eye on things.

I miss you every day and I pray that we will someday be together again.

I LOVE YOU, Beauty and I miss you every day.


Saturday, June 26, 2010

One year anniversary June 25, 2010

Dear Beauty,
It has been a year now that you have been gone. I went up to see the herd yesterday and they were all fine. Scout and Cali have grown into beautiful mares. Both are extremely friendly. That is hard to realize with Scout because she was the most distrustful of humans when she first came to us. Cali, of course, has always loved people. Gigondas now lets me touch her all over without pulling away. I think that is because sometimes I just go up to her and cry on her! She lets me do this now. I think she realizes that I need to let it all out! Quad is settling in. He still isn't sure about me and keeps a wary eye out. Yesterday I sprayed him with fly spray and he didn't bat an eye! Sunni is next to Quad now and actually stood and let me spray him (first time!) Then he came up to me and rested his head on my shoulder.
We ALL miss you! Rest in peace, beautiful one.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Almost a year, my Beauty

Dear Beauty,
It is almost a year now that you have been gone out of my life. I miss you so much! I miss your soft nuzzle. I miss your sweet nicker. I MISS YOU! Your buddy, Gigondas, has turned into quite a nice lady! She lets me touch her all over now. She even nickers when she sees my car pull into the driveway and park next to her. She has come a long way and you would be proud of her! She doesn't do bad things any more like take off and drag me and the lead rope! Nope! No more rope burns for me!

I miss your gentle spirit and your soft muzzle. She doesn't cuddle with me like you used to. In fact, only Sunni cuddles with me like you used to, but you know, Sunni is "my boy". He's spoiled!


Sunday, May 23, 2010

Beauty, June 2009

My pretty girl a month before her untimely death in June of 2009. Can you believe that this filly was on a slaughter-bound feedlot? PLEASE, if you can, donate to a horse rescue that will save other horses like Beauty from a horrible death. There are a few listed on my sidebars. She was an untrained two year old when I adopted her online, along with Gigondas. They were transported to me in Southern California from Washington state. Gigondas was very wary of humans, but Beauty loved everybody and everyone loved her. She was a gracious, kind, gentle animal. I miss her every day! Beauty was trail trained by my cousin, Valerie, and wasn't afraid of anything. She never bucked or spooked. She would have been the perfect riding horse for me as she communicated with her humans very well and wouldn't hurt any of us! RIP, my dear one.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

"F" is for faces~ABC Wednesday 022410

Three faces of my original five horses~ That's Gigondas on the left, Beauty in the middle, and Sunni on the right. Gigondas and Sunni were Beauty's companions for about two years. Beauty and Gigondas spent about 6 months together in quarantine before I brought them both down here to Southern California. Aren't they cute faces? ABC Wednesday for February 24, 2010.