Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Beauty and Gigondas, Lancaster, February 2007

At the same time I adopted Beauty, I also adopted a thoroughbred from the same rescue, Merryana, who my husband renamed Gigondas. They were both together during their quarantine in Washington. On the day they were scheduled to come to So. Calif, the boarding place where they were going changed their minds (they were friends of ours)...the key word being "were"! They said "Absolutely NO!" two days before the mares were scheduled to be transported. I had to call the transporter and tell them the bad news. AND, I was stuck with NOWHERE to board these two mares!!! That was in November. Gigondas came down with a little cold and was given SMZs. It wasn't until January of 2007 that I was able to secure transportation, again, and find a boarding place for them. It was up in Lancaster, a drive from our home of OVER 3 1/2 hours! But, it was the only place I could find for them. They arrived late one night and were unloaded and the next morning, when I saw them, I was so happy! They were both beautiful, chestnut mares! Beauty appeared to be an appendix QH/TB and Gigondas was a HUGE, red thoroughbred. They had been together since September of 2006 and were used to each other's company, so we kept them in the same "mare motel" which was part of a larger corral. We hired a trainer, Angi Keitel, to work with both of them. Beauty was much easier to work as she had a beautiful, calm personality. We could tell right away that Gigondas did NOT like humans and that she had been badly mistreated. We would have to earn her trust! But, Beauty trusted and enjoyed humans. Here are some pics of them from February, 2007.

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  1. Night, night, sweet girl! I think of you every day.
    Love, MOM