Saturday, January 16, 2010

Beauty in January, 2009~Camera Critters 011610

I found another website this morning dedicated to another woman's horse that she lost. Apparently I'm not the only blogger to do this. I do it to help keep Beauty's memory alive. I actually forgot I had these photos, which I took in January of 2009. I was going through the photos on my desktop computer, which I recently got back from the shop. It crashed in December and I was terrified that I'd lost all my pictures, but it just needed a RAM update! PHEW! My goal this weekend is to back up all my photos onto an external hard drive. Anyway, these are pics of both Gigondas and Beauty at play in the arena. Beauty was so playful and full of life. It is hard to go up to the ranch and not see here there...I still miss her every day! She had completed her trail training and was a nice, calm trail horse. My cousin trained her and had taken her out on the trail a few times and I'm sure Beauty would have been as competent as any of Valerie's horses, which she takes out on trails at least once a week. Valerie rotates them (she has 4 horses herself), so that they each get a turn out on the trails here in the desert and then, in the summer, up in the mountains. Camera Critters for January 16, 2010


  1. Touching memories of your beloved horse, thanks for sharing.

  2. What an amazing memorial to an amazing animal.


  3. What a wonderful memory of beauty!

  4. What a great entry you have. Hope you have a nice weekend. God Bless!