Saturday, October 3, 2009

Beauty having fun~Camera Critters for 100309

I remember how Beauty used to love to get into the arena and RUN! I had several people tell me she looked like an appendix QH. I don't know her history or breeding as I found her on an online rescue organization, now defunct, up in Washington state on a killer buyer's feedlot. Imagine Beauty on a KB's feedlot! Nobody obviously assessed her. If they had, they would have seen what an obvious gem she was~! She had a great personality, she was intelligent, willing, and loving. It makes me wonder how many other "Beauties" are on feedlots today. Please, if you can, support the horse rescue of your choice and give another horse like Beauty a chance to live a decent life instead of experiencing the horror of a trip to slaughter. The other horse I rescued off that feedlot, Gigondas, I am now training for riding. She, too, was dumped and she is a beautiful red thoroughbred. Camera Critters for October 3, 2009.


  1. indeed a beautiful tribute to a natural beauty

  2. She is a Beauty, thanks for the rescue info. I believe we have rescue farms here in Maryland too.