Thursday, October 1, 2009

Confession 100209

Beauty's death was so unexpected and sudden. I never got to say goodbye to her. Two days before she died, my ferrier came over and did all the horses, including Beauty. I remember he got tired and gave her a couple of thumps. I thought, "Don't do that to my Beauty!!!", but he did. The poor guy had just spent an HOUR trying to get Sunni to stand still, with no success, and he was tired. I didn't see her the next day and the following day, when I drove up to the ranch early one morning, she was dead. Gone. She laid on her side and never got up. No thrashing marks. It appears she got cast, tried to get up, and hit her head on the metal pipe in the corral. That was it. She was gone. I feel so bad that I never got to hug her again, I never got to smell her, or greet her. I never got to hear her nicker. I'm so sorry, my Beauty. I still miss you every day. There is one empty corral at the ranch now and I'm thinking about rescuing another horse, like Beauty. That's all for now. 100109

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